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“Antonio Malkusak and I have worked together for over ten years. Not only is he a trustworthy friend and colleague, but he repeatedly sparked new thoughts and ways of considering the literature on play and play behavior. For me, his questioning nature and exploring disposition led to alternate solutions that created an urgency in me to get it right. This is about excellence in outcome and clarity of thought. With him as a collaborator, we have been able to consider theories of play, expand these ideas in new and different directions, and move to practical application to the benefit of children of all abilities. Few times in a my life have contacts like Tony grown into such a meaningful part of life and work. He is a rare exception that also grew into a close friend.”
- Lawrence B.

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Antonio Malkusak, ASLA, CPSI
President/Landscape Architect
Abundant Playscapes, Inc.
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Tony Malkusak, Abundant Playscapes